MPF Marble Ceramic Palette

Italian marble surface with nylon worksheet.
Durable base.

Capillary action keeps ceramic mix continuously wet.

The unique marble used to create this palette allows controlled amounts of water to permeate and wet the nylon worksheet, ensuring a uniform, consistent and workable ceramic mix. The nylon work sheet covering the marble is kinder to Kolinsky brushes and helps keep a finer point for longer periods of time.

115-1000 close up.jpg
  • 115-1001 Nylon Palette Worksheets (2pcs)

  • 115-1002 Replacement Marble

MPF Glass Ceramic Palette

Glass work surface.
Durable base.
Synthetic leather strips keep ceramic mix continuously wet.

The Glass Ceramic Palette, created for ceramists who prefer a glass working surface, uses a system of synthetic leather strips to keep ceramic mix continuously wet. Water from the base permeates up through the strips and into the ceramic stack, creating a homogenous ceramic mix.

  • 115-0001 Palette Absorption Strips (4pcs)

  • 115-0002 Replacement Glass

MPF Evolution Master Ceramic Palette

Glass work surface.
Synthetic leather strips keep ceramic mix continuously wet.
Concealed stain palette draw.

The Evolution Master Ceramic Palette has a sleek, contoured design. It’s ergonomic design is user friendly, allowing easy access to your ceramic materials without obtrusive, robust parts inhibiting your movements to the anterior portion of the tray.

Includes one sponge, synthetic strips, one nylon worksheet and one stain brush.

dental ceramic palette glass  palette dental technician dentist dentistry dental ceramist


Evolution Replacement Glass Tray

dental ceramic palette glass  palette dental technician dentist dentistry dental ceramist


Evolution  Replacement Glass Tray 

MPF Stain/Opaque Palette

Smart storage solution for stain and paste opaque materials.
Durable plastic structure.
Tight seal lid.

The unique, angled, step-type design of the Stain & Paste Opaque Palette allows easy access to materials. Reservoirs have a very unique design, elongated towards the rear so that material flows to the back of the cup, preventing spillage. The tight seal lid prevents oxygen drying out materials. A colour chart helps keep material colours in order.

MPF Comp Tray

Smart storage solution for composite tools.
Non-stick silicon stain palette.
Interchangeable inserts. Cleaning sponge.

The MPF Comp Tray is made from a machined piece of polyurethane, milled with a textured pattern on it’s surface allowing for adhesion of composite materials. It features a non-stick silicon stain palette and sponge to keep tools clean while you work. Inserts can be placed on either side to accommodate left and right handed technicians.

MPF CAD Artistry Mixing Palette

Moisture and consistency control for ceramic material.
Dual working platforms.
CAD-CAM Technology.

The CAD Artistry Palette was designed with two different options of humidification to keep the proper moisture and proper consistency of ceramic material. The two platforms on the ceramic tray allow you to choose between humidification with water or with liquid.
Choose between working on a nylon sheet or using the synthetic strips. Eleven stain compartments act as storage for your favourite stains and colours.
This palette is the perfect solution for ceramists working with CEREC/IN-LAB and CAD-CAM technology.