MPF Zirco Texturizer


allows you to create soft suttle textures on unsintered Zirconia.

Before the sintering process this stainless steel wire brush can be used to create assymetric lines that look very natural after the sintering process, and also remove any fine zirconia powder that may be left on the outer surface of the restoration.


MPF Zirco Scorer

Due to the fact that Zirconia is a sensitive material in its unsintered state, we decided to design a Zirconia Tipped Scorer. which allows us to create amazing surface texture on unsintered zirconia, pit fissure grooves and crack lines are all possible with this amazingly sharp scoring instrument and being made of Zirconia prevents any contaminations to the raw material.


MPF Ceramo Blade

The new Revolution Zirconia Instrument series are a uniquely designed range that of hand tools that have been created to work with unsintered Zirconia.

This new MPF Ceramo Blade can work directly on unsintered Zirconia creating intricate surface desing such as crack lines abd deep fossa in the occlusal region, the superior sharpness allows for the ease of removing portions of zirconia to create wear facets and creative details before your final sintering.


MPF Zirco Cleaner

This newly designed brush tip has been created to allow for ease of cleaning within zirconia milled crowns, bridges & implant restoraions.

Zirconia milling creates a very fine powder after milling, and is difficult to not only see, but to remove, so this new brush tip has been designed with very stable synthetic hair in a very tightly shaped bundle, which gives excelletnt properties for removing this fine powder from your work, there is nothing worse than sintering Zirconia and finding that powder remains were still inside the fitting surface.

The MPF Zirco Clean Brush tip minimizes this risk factor an a big way!!


MPF Zir Grip

MPF Zir Grip Tweezers have been designed to work with all kinds of ceramic & zirconia restorations in mind, these ergonomically designed tweezers boast tips made from sintered Zirconia and are shaped in such a way to assist the ceramist when positioning his crowns, veneers and small bridges onto the refractory pins before firing.

These tips being from zirconia avoid leaving any dark marks that the current metallic tweezers create.

A must have for the inspiring ceramist.