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An amazing copper paste that, when painted directly onto the surface of your crowns, veneers, bridge work or gypsum model, allows you to visualize and accurately replicate morphology and tooth structure. Quick dry, alcohol free solution. Steam clean residue within seconds.

Texture Eyes 10ml

Item No. 153-0000 MPF Texture-Eyes, 10ml

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Rainbow Drops

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Rainbow Drops Kit

Item No. 151-0000 MPF Rainbow Drops – Kit
Includes all 6 colours

High quality colourants for your ceramic mix. 10ml p/bottle

Rainbow Drops Bottles

Item No. 151-0001 Red
Item No. 151-0002 Blue
Item No. 151-0003 Orange

Item No. 151-0004 Brown
Item No. 151-0005 Yellow
Item No. 151-0006 Violet