Simon Newbolt

The Spin Fix Firing Aid, ensuring easy
access and stability for ceramic crowns,
inspired by Simon Newbold RDT

Simon Newbold started his career in ‘83 and, within two years, had managed to prove himself, putting him in charge of the ceramic department in the lab at the time.

In 1991 he moved to London’s prestigious medical area, Harley Street, to further his career. Working alongside John Bunyan Snr. and Jr. was a turning point, in which gained priceless experience.

Inevitably, he decided to open and run his own dental laboratory, while continuing to attend educational courses alongside the best

technicians in the industry; Nondas Vlachopoulos, Willi Geller, Andreas Nolte, Naoki Aiba, Sasha Hein… to name a few.

We at the MPF Brush Co. were priviledged to collaborate with Simon on an innovative, useful dental accessory, the Spin Fix. This acts as a stand for ceramic crowns, ensuring stability and easy access for technicians while working.

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39 Devonshire, Mews West,
w1g 6qh London, UK

tel44 2074861969

Product Reference

Spin Fix Firing Aid