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Nondas Vlachopoulos ensures our
products function and look impeccable
before being released on the market.

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45 Pleiadon St. Nea Kifisia,
14564, Athens, Greece

tel30 210 6250287
30 210 6250288

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Born in Toronto, Canada, Nondas graduated as a dental technician in Greece in 1985.

He acquired a BSc Hons from the School of Dental Technology of the Technological Educational Institution of Athens. He runs his own dental laboratory, Aesthetic Lab, in Athens, which is also the MPF Brush Co. Pilot Lab. He has been the opinion leader in Greece for Noritake, Japan for over a decade.

Nondas specialises in aesthetic allceramic and implant restorations and collaborates with the Dental School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and its

postgraduate programs of Dental Prosthodontics and Dental Surgery.

He has organised numerous seminars in Greece, the USA and Europe, and has participated with presentations in congresses.

Mr. Vlachopoulos is a member of the Hellenic Dental Technology Praxis and Pan-Hellenic Federation of Dental Laboratories.

Our collaboration with him has lead to the creation of the most elite range of products in our offering, MPF Optimum, a range he designed from start to finish.

Pilot Lab teeth

Nondas developed the handle
from start to finish… trying
it in his hand, feeling it as it
evolved, weighing it to ensure
it remained light..

Pilot Lab White Teeth

My friendship with Nondas spans almost three decades now. I remember telling him that one day, he’d be considered one of the greatest technicians of all time (and I was right!). His ability to replicate nature with such accuracy has astonished the industry for many years now. His work becomes ever more refined, his love and passion for what he does is truly unique, and his willingness to share his skills with others in the industry is a blessing. I’ve been contacted by countless technicians around the world, each expressing their gratitude for his teachings.
Nondas’ attention to detail is evident from the moment you hold any one of the MPF Optimum tools in your hand; the ergonomic, perfectly balanced handles make work an absolute pleasure! Not only are they well designed, but the range is also aesthetically pleasing. A complete reflection of his character! Nondas developed the handle from start to finish. He would carve the shape he desired out of aluminum, trying it in his
hand, feeling it as it evolved, weighing it to ensure it remained light. I was lucky enough to have witness the complete process as it evolved!
He has been a critical player in the evaluation and, on many occasions, the design of many of our products. His hands-on approach gave us the accurate feedback we required before moving on to mass production, a very critical process which can be costly if products are not precise. We are extremely grateful to have him on our team!


Nondas is an International key opinion leader for the company Kurrary Noritake Japan. He arranges seminars and participates in presentations around the world.

Nondas with Macbook
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