Palettes are tools utilised by the dental
ceramist every day, and are a necessary
accessory in the ceramic laboratory.

They should be functional and well designed, ensuring maximum productivity, and aesthetically pleasing; after all, the technician will likely be looking at it for a good part of the day! Our range of palettes ticks all the boxes when it comes to smart, savvy design.

Our new MPF Comp Tray is a clever way to store your composite gear in one beautifully designed container. With it’s non-slip work surface, non-stick silicon stain palette and interchangeable inserts, we’re proud to offer this innovative solution to laboratories around the world.

The Ceramic Palette offers both marble and glass work surfaces,

with unique humidifying techniques according to the type of surface.

The Stain/Opaque Palette allows easy access to ceramic medium, and is designed to prevent materials both from spilling and drying out.

The Evolution has a sleek, contoured, ergonomic design. Soft touch and user friendly, it allows easy access to materials and work surface.

And last but not least, we offer the perfect solution for ceramists working with CAD-CAM Technology, the CAD Artistry Mixing Palette.

At MPF Brush Co., we’ve set a new benchmark for ceramic palette function and design!