Javier at lab

The CAD Artistry Mixing Palette, with dual
working platforms and CAD-CAM Technology,
inspired by Javier Vasquez DMD, MICCMO

Javier Vasquez runs a high end esthetic dental laboratory, Doral Dental Lab (Miami), specialising in full mouth rehabilitation and cosmetic restorations.

He believes that being a dentist is not only about maintaining the dental health of patients, and his clinical approach combines a multidisciplinary treatment and planning that involves the importance of full body posture, cranio and cervical analysis. He also
did a new study based on the effect of chewing cycles on the stability of atlas – axis.

He has mastered in Neuromuscular dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, and completed all seven levels at Occlusion Connection Institute, led
by Dr. Clayton Chan.

He continues to fine tune his skills to discover new ways of helping chronic pain patients. His training is concentrated on Craniocervical stability and the relation with mandibular trajectory, functional orthopedics and Neuromuscular rehabilitation.

Dr Vasquez is a recognized national and International speaker as a dentist and also as a Master Ceramist.

In his many specialties , his area of focus is , as he calls it : Biofuncional Dynamic Occlusion . He shares his passion for dentistry mostly for education , for research and for the dental technology industry.

One of his biggest inspirations is the Maestro Willi Geller who invited him four years ago to become a member of the world renowned group Oral Design, he combines his knowledge as a dentist and as dental technician to offer education and consulting for doctors from pain management to prosthodontic rehabilitations and orthopedics. He is one of the biggest leaders in CAD/CAM. He is a key opinion leader for top companies in the world , beta tester in the in the chair side and laboratory side for one the biggest CAD/CAM companies world wide.

He developed the concept that is called CAD Artistry that has been his signature to educate the community to create high standards with CAD/CAM.

Dr. Vasquez is a Fellow and Master at ICCMO (International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics) and he has been recognized as one of the authorities in a physiological occlusion.

Contact Details

7210 SW 57th Ave. #223
South Miami, FL 33143 USA

tel1 305 740 6263

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