MPF logoHoneycomb Ceramic CR & BR StandDecorative IconFOR IMPLANTS

Honeycomb Ceramic CR & BR Stand

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All new ‘hot zone’ technology. Zirconia & metal pins
with an elevated base for crowns and implants.

Honeycomb Stand with 4 Metal Pins

Item No. 114-3000 Honeycomb Stand with 4 Alumina Pins
Item No. 114-3001 Alumina Pins, 4pcs

MPF logoHoneycomb Ceramic CR & BR StandDecorative Icon

Honeycomb Ceramic CR & BR Stand

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Item No. 114-1000
Honeycomb Stand with 10 Ceramic Pins

Item No. 114-1001
Ceramic Pins, 10pcs


Item No. 114-2000
Honeycomb Stand with 10 Metal Pins

Item No. 114-2001
Replacement Metal Pins, 10pcs.

A ceramic firing tray for Crowns & Bridges that can withstand temperatures of up to 1500ºC.

MPF logoHoneycomb Ceramic Veneer StandFOR VENEERS

Honeycomb Ceramic Veneer Stand

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The Hot Zone Philosophy – Veneers
Designed at an elevated height of 20mm, this honeycomb stand instantly raises veneers into the prime ‘hot zone’ position of your ceramic firing oven.

Honeycomb Ceramic Veneer Stand

Item No. 114-4000 Honeycomb Ceramic Veneer Stand

MPF logoAlumina Veneer Pins



A safe stable way to fire your delicate veneers. The body of the alumina pin design is on a slight decline for easy access when needing to do a touch up before firing. The veneer pins are raised off the veneers pins are raised off the honeycomb tray to allow the firing of the veneers within the hot zone of the firing chamber.
These new pins in combination with our stabilizing pate Peg Fix are a must have for every dental ceramist!!!


Item No: 114-4001 MPF Alumina Veneer Pins                                    Decorative Icon