Collaborating technician and consultant for
MPF Brush Co., Daniele Rondoni CDT

Shortly after graduating in 1979, Daniele Rondoni opened his own dental laboratory, out of which he based and founded the AAT Community College.

He is a teacher and counsellor for the Italian School for Dental Technicians, the University of Chieti, the University of Sienna and the University of Rome Tor Vergata, and is an international instructor for Kuraray-Noritake. He has studied under masters such as Oliviero Turillazzi (Italy) and Hitoshi Aoshima (Japan), and has worked extensively in Switzerland and Germany.

Daniele is devoted to the study of morphology and dental aesthetics. He takes an active part in the development of materials used for aesthetic dental restoration, and has published numerous texts on techniques, including his own.

Contact Details

Via Garassino 2/4
17100 Savona, Italy

tel+39 019 821881