MPF logoComp Tray

Smart storage solution for composite tools.
Non-stick silicon stain palette. Interchangeable
inserts. Cleaning sponge.

Item No. 115-9000
MPF Comp Tray
Includes two silicon stain palettes and two synthetic sponges.

The MPF Comp Tray is made from a machined piece of polyurethane, milled with a textured pattern on it’s surface allowing for adhesion of composite materials. It features a non-stick silicon stain palette and sponge to keep tools clean while you work. Inserts can be placed on either side to accommodate left and right handed technicians.

MPF Comp Tray

Item No. 115-9001 Silicon Stain Palette Replacement
Item No. 115-9002 Synthetic Sponge Replacement

Comp Tray detail

Item No. 115-9003 Polyurethane Replacement Sheet