Andreas Chatzimpatzakis

Collaborating technician and consultant for
MPF Brush Co., Andreas Chatzimpatzakis CDT

Andreas Chatzimpatzakis graduated from the Dental Technology Institute (TEI) of Athens in 1999. During his studies he followed a six month program at the Helsinki Polytechnic Department of Dental Technique, where he trained on implant superstructures and all ceramic prosthetic restorations.

By the year 2000 he was running his own dental laboratory in Athens, Greece. He specializes in long span implant prosthesis, all ceramics and refractory veneers.

He has done several lectures and hands-on in Greece and abroad.

Influenced by great technicians such as Nondas Vlachopoulos, Gerald Ubassy, Sigeo Kataoka etc., he continues to work hard on materials and methods, improving his technique to achieve a natural and aesthetic final result.

Contact Details

176 Karyatidos St., Peristeri
Athens 12135 Greece

tel30 210 5062357